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My name is Michael Daniel Meyer, but you can call me Michiale.

That’s what my mother Marion calls me.
She pronounces it like Mich_ah_el, which is the German  pronunciation of Michael.
Michiale is just my attempt at another spelling.

My life’s already been a wild ride. It’s shown and proven to me that I can live life from one adventure to the next. That life is an ongoing cycle of experiences sometimes seemingly never having anything in common. But that who you are remains intact no matter what experience you find yourself a part of.

And then a day happens,
A day happens,
A day happens,
A day happens,
And a moment comes along and changes it all.

One minute I’m farming and the next I’m riding my bicycle from Chicago to the Florida Keys. I’m in Guatemala living in a tiny Mayan village where Spanish is everyone’s second language, and then I wake up and I’m on the streets of New York City in the middle of Zucotti Park during the Occupy days, bringing 1,500 harmonicas down for a mass audible group meditation.

I’ve made a couple of albums, wrote a book, made a film, made a living out of friendship, helped start a farming collective, and made a few works of art along the way.

I’ve been everywhere man.
And I feel like I’ve only just begun.

Although, I’m not even sure what it is that I’ve begun…

But it feels like somethin’s happened.
And it feels like somethin’s happenin’.

So now I’m askin’ myself, “Well, what is it that’s happenin’?”

And right now… well, I’ve got nothin’.
…Nothin’ of any monetary value that is.

But I am two pennies, too many, over a quarter century.
So I would say that I am a very rich man.

And maybe you’ve got some time, reading these words and all.

So if I’ve got nothin’
and you’ve got time,
I’d say, let’s get together,
and reach divine.

I’ve put those projects that I’ve been working on for the past 6 years on this website.  Those are listed on the top of this page.  If you’re using an iPad or mobile phone, then press the button with the 3 lines in the top right corner to see em’.

From time to time, I’ll be posting some writing. They go to the left labeled under “writings,” when they grow older.

If you’d like to collaborate on a project, share stories, or just talk, then you can get at me through the contact page, or check the links on the left of the page for all that social media jazz.

Until then,

So much love,

Photo by Petya Shalamanova

A wise man named Lauro once told me I should say "Pura Uva" whenever I saw someone who looked fresh out of a cleansing.


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